Botsepehi is a 51% Black Owned Level 2 Excempt Micro Enterprise company. The two shareholders are The Transformation Enablement Trust Management Company and Mr Herman Kirstein. The two Directors are  Mr Obeth Nhlanhla and Mr Herman Kirstein. Both Directors are experienced in the B-BBEE & Transformation arena in South Africa.

Mr Nhlanhla has extensive project management experience in the SMME development space. Mr Nhlanhla worked for Deloitte Consulting for a number years.

Mr Kirstein got involved with BEE & B-BBEE in 2003, before the first Mining Charter was released. Mr Kirstein was part of the then South African Mining Preferential Procurement Forum (SAMPPF) Secretariat company, DECTI.

Mr Kirstein is an experienced B-BBEE & Transformation advisor, with in depth knowledge of the dtic Codes of Good Practise and other sector Codes & Charters, as well as a good understanding of Mining Charter III requirements.